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FREE READ Ä Dear Teen Me ¿ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Dear Teen Me By E. Kristin Anderson – Dear Teen Me includes advice from 70 YA authors including Lauren Oliver Ellen Hopkins and Nancy Holder to name a few to their teenage selves The letters cover a wide range of topics including physical Dear Teen Me includes advice from YA authors inclSome authors write diary entries some write letters and a Dear Teen Kindle few graphic novelists turn their stories into visual art And whether you hang out with the theater kids the band geeks the bad boys the loners the class presidents the delinuents the jocks or the nerds you’ll find friends and a lot of familiar faces in the course of Dear Teen Me.

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Holder to name a few to their teenage selves The letters cover a wide range of topics including physical abuse body issues bullying friendship love and enough insecurities to fill an auditorium So pick a page and find out which of your favorite authors had a really bad first kiss Who found true love at Who wishes he’d had fun in high school instead of studying so hard.

FREE READ Ä Dear Teen Me E Kristin Anderson is a poet and glitter enthusiast living mostly at a Starbucks somewhere in Austin Texas A Connecticut College graduate with a BA in classics Kristin’s poetry has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net Kristin co edited the award winning DEAR TEEN ME anthology and is the editor of the literary anthology COME AS YOU ARE an anthology of writing on ’s po.


Dear Teen Me[PDF / Epub] Dear Teen Me By E. Kristin Anderson Srl Dear Teen Me includes advice from 70 YA authors including Lauren Oliver Ellen Hopkins and Nancy Holder to name a few to their teenage selves The letters cover a wide range of topics including physical Dear Teen Me includes advice from YA authors including Lauren Oliver Ellen Hopkins and Nancy.

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  • Giselle

    FREE READ Ä Dear Teen Me Dear Teen MeWe all wonder what high school would have been like if we knew then what we know now Or at least I do I would not have been so hard on myself for one But on the other hand if you could change any part of your high school experience would you risk losing where you ended up This novel is filled with high school anecdotes; from funny to heartbreaking we get snippets of these authors lives that are honest and raw It's such a uniue and amazing experience to be able to learn about so many authors that I have come to know and adore Some stories were I'm sure as difficult to read than it was to write There are some that bring up really tough issues eating disorders suicide rape abuse sexuality; while others are very sweet and hear

  • Hannah

    FREE READ Ä Dear Teen Me Dear Teen MeI'm this anthology with a ridiculously personal letter to my 16 year old eating disordered self You should read it and judge me uietly God knows I do

  • eileen

    FREE READ Ä Dear Teen Me Dear Teen MeCheck out of my reviews at Singing and Reading in the RainDear Teen Me is the first nonfiction books I've probably ever enjoyed It's

  • Jen Bigheart

    FREE READ Ä Dear Teen Me Dear Teen MeGIVEAWAY at jenbigheartcomI am so thrilled to talk about this book and encourage everyone to readbuyscrapbook I have been reading the Dear Teen Me blog fora long time When word came out that it was being made into a book I was thrilled for the editors and contributors

  • Kimberly Russell

    FREE READ Ä Dear Teen Me Dear Teen MeI love Dear Teen Me so much and not just because they let me do an entry for them a couple of months ago think the premise is genius and I love that I get a little insight into my favorite authors I am so happy I won this from Zest Books Thank youI really could have used this book as a teen Seriously There isn’t a single issue that I can think of that wasn’t address in this compilation of letters Any issue a teen will be confronted with was spoken about I feel like there is something for everyone And I genuinely hope this reaches many teensI thought the A sheets were great my favorite being Most Embarrassing Moment There were a lot of author’s letters that moved me but my personal favorites were from Janet Gurtler Kersten Hamilton Ellen Hopkins and Carry Jones Also there were a few whose notes read like their books Miranda Kenneally Sara Zarr and Jennifer Rush in

  • Paul Hankins

    FREE READ Ä Dear Teen Me Dear Teen MeA powerful collection of letters written by some of today's most successful young adult authors to their teen aged selves Among the letters and doodles found in the book are Tom Angleberger Cheryl Rainfield Ellen Hopkins Geoff Herbach Ilsa J Bick and Riley Carney hey wait a minute Riley just stopped being a teen but what she has to offer is a universal struggle for many gifted and talented students today I'm glad she's here Carrie Jones and Mike Jung are in the collection as are Sarah Ockler first kiss Sarah Oh my Church camp Nikki Loftin and Lauren Oliver Some of the letters point to the peculiarities that will be familiar to teen readers but some of the letters are raw and emotional There is a reader out there that may need to hear the advice of a person out there who followed their writing dreams to make them come true talking back to their teen selves when that dream was brand new

  • Christina (A Reader of Fictions)

    FREE READ Ä Dear Teen Me Dear Teen MeOriginally posted on A Reader of FictionsDear Teen ChristinaLife sucks right now and I'm not going to lie to you High school is awful but at least middle school is over and so far that exists as the nadir of your life and I hope that does not change it hasn't yet Also in junior year you'll make a friend a real one the kind of friend you'll still talk to when you're unspeakably old aka 25 Also teen self you should know that your fantasies of showing up at your ten year reunion incredibly hot and successful and falling in instalove with insert one of the innumerable boys you crush on during high school will not be coming true Also instalove is awful Even in your daydreams I expect better uality material okay Just know young self that it will get betterThere's a lot that I could tell my teen self because there's a lot that I've learned even just to the extent of realizing how much I don't know None of these aut

  • Gretchen Hohmeyer

    FREE READ Ä Dear Teen Me Dear Teen MeYou may notice that this book has no rating Certainly it will have to have one on Goodreads and the like because they demand it but Dear Teen Me is to me a book that transcends ratings What is a rating anyways It is a mark of sometimes good technical storytelling other times it is because of a person’s simple like or dislike of a book With Dear Teen Me the former aspect especially holds no place Dear Teen Me is not a story It is a conglomeration of personal nonfiction stories about the teen years of dozens of YA authors The concepts of “good technical storytelling” do not apply The content is just not that kind I don’t know what I thought when I reuested an ARC of this book Whatever it was I only know that the book exceeded my expectations I was certainly expecting a great deal of “Were you an outsider in high school because it’s okay to b

  • Nuzaifa - Word Contessa

    FREE READ Ä Dear Teen Me Dear Teen MeAnd yes It does get betterMuch better Anthologies are not something that I enjoy but I came across Dear Teen Me during Zest Books Blog TourThere were a lot of positive reviews and I thought I'd give it a tryDear Teen Me i a collection of letters from YA authors to their younger selvesI loved the format mostly it consisted of letters but there were a few A sections and some of it was narrated in the form of comic stripsAnother feature that makes Dear Teen Me a cool read is the photographsCUTE of the authors during their teens and their signaturesStill not convinced that you should go grab your copy of this bookRead on thenThe confessions range from heartbreaking to downright hilariousSome of these stood out for the first reason namely Ellen HopkinsSaundra MitchellStephanie KuehnertCheryl RainfieldGretchen McNeilKersten Hamilton and Jessica BurkhartIt was moving and I could not help but be inspired by them because you come to realize that they have risen above these barri

  • Mary

    FREE READ Ä Dear Teen Me Dear Teen MeMY THOUGHTSLOVED ITThis book is a collection letters written by popular young adult authors to themselves as teens to tell them that essentially life does get better Well in some cases it does get way worse than better but eventually things do look up There are all kinds of confessions involved here some of my favorite authors have dealt with illness abuse and adversaries that make my life look like a fairy tale Most have been threatened by bullies a lot have had family members die suffer from drug abuse or even worse I had no idea that these authors had to deal with these situations while growing up It is amazing that some survived at all and a lot of them have incorporated